Controlled temperature transport

A know how that is well recognised and appreciated

Our skills focus on controlled temperature transport (-20° C to + 6°C).

STG is recognised for its know-how and appreciated in the area of refrigerated delivery and logistics concerning chilled and refrigerated products.
Our network and our reference partners allow us to offer a local service ensuring punctuality, quality and food safety

The products we transport

Specialising in the cold chain, we transport all the following types of food

• Meat, poultry, processed pork • Fresh fruit and vegetables • Ready to eat raw fruit and vegetables • Ready to eat cooked fruits and vegetables • Bread and cakes

• Frozen produce • Dairy products • Prepared meals, delicatessen • Canned food • Drinks • Seafood


Respecting the just in time principle

You have certain requirements in terms of food safety, punctuality, stock management, supplies and deliveries and that is why we draw up your transport schedules using our network of more than 30 platforms located around most of France.

Helped by efficient technological and computer services, we find the best way to prepare your order, monitor the delivery of your goods within 24 hours in France and 24/48 hours across EuropeDeliveries A to A and A to B throughout France.


We excel in various types of operations
• Full trucks with a wide range of products,
• Batch delivery to retailers,
• Dedicated delivery rounds,
• Groupage

We can satisfy your requirements, whether you work in industry, distribution, the food sector or catering, and can offer a service to suit your needs with the aim of ongoing improvement.

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