Environmental measures

A lasting commitment

Quality, Health, Safety and Evironmental protection are among the driving forces in the performance and sustainable growth of the STG Group.  In order to cut our environmental footprint, various measures have been put in place at each level in the firm.

The STG Group’s QHSE policy


Reducing our emissions

Since 1992, STG had a fleet of double deck trailers to optimise loading and reduce carbon impact.

95% of the mileage is covered by Euro 6 standard vehicles


Permanently seeking to reduce its impact, STG has fitted its vehicles with electric generators for refrigeration. It is the energy produced by the motor which generates refrigeration instead of the diesel engine.


Purchased of NGVs (natural gas vehicles). These trucks used for deliveries within towns and cities, are based in the Paris area at the STG-GMT agency in Orly.


“Les Triporteurs Rennais”, which specialises in deliveries in towns and cities using electrically assisted vehicles, take care of part of our deliveries in the centre of Rennes.



  • Increasing use of ammonia in refrigeration units. This is an inert gas offering the best energy yield.
  • Natural lighting encouraged in new constructions (+9% of the surface area)
  • Use of low energy tyres (reduced friction) on 75% of the fleet.
  • Refrigerated trucks satisfying PIEK criteria to cut noise pollution.


Within the company, 26 instructors train our staff and put in place prevention programmes for the STG drivers across France:

  • Encouraging green defensive driving
  • Analysis of scope for improvement in terms of prevention and safety measures.