Our sustainable commitments


As a road freight transport we are directly concerned by the challenges of the energy transition. Firstly as a responsible citizen and of course as a professional in a sector committed to more sustainable mobility.

At STG, reducing the environmental footprint has been an integrated component at all levels of the company for decades and has been implemented over the years through various actions :

Fleet of semi-decks

Since 1992, STG has had a fleet of semi-decks to optimise loads and reduce its carbon impact.

Energy mix is reinforced

In 3 years (2018-2021) STG will have renewed +50% of its vehicle fleet, diversifying into NGV by an investment of €4.2 million. This orientation in the energy mix is reinforced with the installation of a CNG station near the head office in 2020.

Non-polluting refrigeration units

+50% of STG warehouses are equipped with non-polluting refrigeration units, i.e. with neutral gas or natural fluids offering the best energy efficiency. These units are also equipped with variable speed motors to reduce energy consumption.

In 2020 at STG, 95% of the kms travelled are covered by Euro 6 standard vehicles.

Quality, Health, Safety and Evironmental protection are among the driving forces in the performance and sustainable growth of the STG Group. In order to cut our environmental footprint, various measures have been put in place at each level in the firm.

The STG Group’s QHSE policy


We transport perishable food products. Our responsibility in terms of quality, hygiene and traceability must therefore be irreproachable.

Guaranteeing food safety is our daily business. It is notably materialised by a special health alert procedure for our catering customers or by specific training for our drivers and dock agents in terms of respect for the cold chain.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, this health priority has been reinforced with the deployment of new measures.


STG committed to the “Objectif CO2” approach. By joining the Charter, the Group is committed to a targeted action plan aimed at reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and improving its energy performance.


Since 2020, STG has been a member of the Club Demeter, which brings together supply chain actors to develop sustainable logistics practices through experimentation and collaboration. STG press release


For STG, human capital being the essential resource for its activity, road safety is at the heart of its system.

24 instructors train the 1,300 drivers, ensure prevention and adapt action plans. The introduction of eco-driving as the ultimate reference for STG drivers was accompanied by the launch of the inter-agency « Challenge conso » in 2020 to reduce diesel consumption and CO2 emissions